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Consult with Dr. Richard DiCenso : This Doctor Makes House Calls

You Asked - I Listened! Many of you approached me with the request to chat and to get my common sense clinical input on daily matters and issues relating to your chronic symptoms prior to deciding if the M.A.P is for you or you have questions for Dr.D. that are just too long to email?

You asked me to make it affordable and easy to get access to me! Well now you can put me 
to work for you before making the commitment to purchase the Matrix Assessment Profile or after the MAP! 

A pre-M.A.P. consult is an easy way to discuss your quick questions, concerns and apprehensions about whether the M.A.P. is for you and how the evaluation results might contribute to improving or resolving your chronic health care issues.

 I am now available as your private coach to personally guide you through the maze of options for achieving and maintaining your optimal well-being.

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"Beyond Medicine, Exploring a New Way of Thinking,"

examines why so many people are suffering needlessly from unresolved symptoms and don"t know what to do. Not feeling well is not normal, but now there's an answer. Dr. Richard DiCenso has identified the experience of constant unresolved symptoms as a Vicious Cycle Disorder (VCD). This experience is distinguished by chronic, low-grade symptoms with no apparent cause. He details the causes of Vicious Cycle Disorders (VCD) in this new book.

In Beyond Medicine you will discover:

  • What all symptoms have in common.
  • Why there may be no real diseases.
  • The three realms that influence your total life experience.
  • The seven caveats to change your life rapidly.
  • The one reversible cause of osteoporosis.
  • The real cause of acid reflux.
  • How to combat illness and premature aging with one simple evaluation


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Dichotics Relaxation Series

Stress Less with this innovative new collection of relaxing dichotic recordings. Surrender your stress and anxiety to the subtle, relaxing tones of calming audio and tranquil audio imagery. Dr.DiCenso uses dichotics dissertation to specifically alter neurological pathways associated with behaviors and habits that contribute to the production of physical symptoms. 

Simply listen to the audios and these will alter mood, behaviors and habits so you can have improved sleep, enhanced intution, stress-reduction and expanded learning potential!

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Matrix Membership Program-

Ever have health questions and just could NOT find the answers even seraching hours and hours on the web? Tired of your doctor giving you the same info over and over? 

The Matrix Membership Program is a place to find those answers! Look no further in this vast library Dr.DiCenso has created with audios, videos and articles about all the latest in health concerns such as diabetes, high blood pressure, weight, trauma, memory and much, much more! 

Also if we don't have the answer you are looking for, there is a live "Ask Dr.D. Call" where you have an opportunity to ask Dr.DiCenso any questions you may have. All calls are recorded and archived!

Membership Includes:
Ask Dr.D. Call
and  will continue to expand monthy with more material!

(Please note this is a reaccurring site that will bill you every 30 days unless you cancel.) 

Free Shipping

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Buy One and Get One Free MAP sale for Members Only!

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Soma 1

A somatic learning process of non-strenuous movements designed to release chronic muscular tension and restore movement efficiency. First in the series, this program introduces the movements that each will build from at their own pace and in their own range of motion. This video will focus on relaxing, lengthening and gaining control of the muscles from the center of the body to the extremities

Helps with:

  • Neck and Shoulders
  • Low Back 
  • Protruding Bellies
  • Leg and Hip Joints
  • Hands, Wrists and Elbows
  • Relaxation and better sleep

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The MAP with a 30 Minute Consultation with Dr.DiCenso


*30 Minute Consult with Dr. Richard DiCenso to go over your results and recommendations and answer any questions you may have. 

*MAP (Matrix Assessment Profile) is an easy to use at-home evaluation kit that uses two biological samples (urine and saliva) to identify the root cause of your symptoms. This includes an analysis of the major biological systems of  the body along with three comprehensive graphs with your bilological age. 

* Personalized recommendations from Dr.D. 

*Free return shipping within the US

Have you ever wondered why two people with the same symptoms respond differently to the same medication? Do you wonder why you sometimes feel better but you don’t really feel well? The answers to these and many other similar questions are available if you know where to look and what other questions to ask. With a simple test, called a Matrix Assessment Profile (M.A.P.) you can learn what you need to know to solve these problems once and for all

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that the MAP is not a stand-alone diagnostic test. Nor, does it diagnose disease. It is, however, an extremely effective interpretative tool that can provide a unique perspective for assessing some basic biological functions and allow us the opportunity to evaluate the integrity of the internal environment of the body, including your biological age, which simply indicates the rate at which the cells in your body are aging compared to your actual chronological age. This is calculated in part by the number and severity of imbalances, compromises and deficiencies in your evaluation profile.


Price: $249.00

The MAP (Matrix Assessment Profile)  

This is an easy to use at-home evaluation kit that uses two biological samples (urine and saliva) to identify the root cause of symptoms you may be experiencing. It will include three comprehensive graphs, your biological age and a set of extensive personalized set of recommendations by Dr.Richard DiCenso.