Will my insurance cover the cost of my MAP evaluation?

Sorry we are not an insurance provider

Why does The MAP use urine and saliva as a way to evaluate optimal health?

An evaluation of your urine is how The MAP determines your body’s ability to eliminate waste properly. Your body’s ability to eliminate waste effectively could be the result of a digestive imbalance. Improperly digested food moves through the body much slower than completely digested food and can create a nutrient deficiency. The increased production of waste product, poor elimination of the waste and the nutrient deficiency leaves the body less capable of pulling waste products out of their storage areas and into the kidneys for elimination. Urine tells us what is being produced, what is being eliminated and how well the kidneys are doing their job.

Saliva is specific to the digestive system and the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is the body’s ‘garbage disposal’. Before any waste product produced by your body gets to the liver or the kidney, it has to pass through the lymphatic system. If the lymphatic system is not functioning properly then nutrients get trapped in the saliva. This deprives your body access to these nutrients and is reflected in the PH of the saliva. Saliva PH measures the health of your digestion system and is shown on the colored graph in your MAP evaluation report

How are you able to evaluate blood if I did not provide a sample?

Because of the uniqueness of our software, The MAP is able to produce a reading for RH, pH and resistivity –the basic biochemical components The MAP examines.

Will my samples spoil during shipping if I live outside of North America?

The specialized packaging used to transport your samples to our lab for processing is designed to preserve the integrity of the fluids. In addition, the software we use to evaluate your fluids will tell us if your fluids have been compromised in any way. In the unlikely event your samples have been compromised during the transport process, we will notify you and replace your kit at no charge.

What does the biological age calculation really mean?

The biological age calculation is a number that is meant to represent the rate at which the cells in your body are aging compared to your actual chronological age. It’s most directly associated with the accumulated burden of acidic waste product which in itself is a free radical. A free radical is a substance that is toxic to the body and damages the cell membrane, and when the cell membrane gets damaged the cell ages must faster because it can’t create the proteins based on the information coming in through the membrane to regenerate a normal cell. It’s a marker that we use to determine how fast cells are regenerating and to what capacity they’re regenerating so that if they need some more specific help or they need some additional protection we can put that into the protocol in order to drop the age.

What should I do if I’m unable to watch the videos that help me interpret my MAP evaluation results?

Please make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed in order to view and hear the videos. Flash Player is a free plug-in and can be downloaded from Adobe’s website: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Without the latest version of Flash Player the videos will not be displayed. If you’ve already installed or updated your flash player and still can’t play the videos, please let us know as there are some additional troubleshooting steps we can try.

When will I receive my results after sending in my samples?

After we have received your samples, please allow between 10-14 days for the results and recommendations.